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Clean Energy – Kept Clean

SolarClear® is a fully automatic cleaning system for solar panels, designed and built in Australia to maximise the output of solar panels under harsh Australian conditions. There are three models to choose from, from manual operation, through to fully automatic design. See “Models & Costs” for more details.

Solar Panels and Dirt

People are increasingly turning to solar to reduce their power bills.

But how do you know your panels are giving you the best return? Are you getting the full, rated output – and the cash benefits? Well, you're almost certainly not!

Overseas studies have shown that without regular heavy rain, you can be losing up to 50% of your nominal panel output - as little as five weeks from new: output can drop as much as 7% per week.

Loss of output means buying replacement power off the grid, and it can add up. If you're off-grid, or have storage batteries, you are even more reliant on maintaining the efficiency of your investment.

You shouldn't be surprised: how often do you wash your car windscreen?

So: get the dirt off it, and keep the solar profit. 

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